Mission, Vision,
and Values


The Richard W. Goldman Family Foundation promotes equality and reduces barriers to opportunity across generations for our nation’s most disadvantaged. It does this by increasing access to education, health, and financial resources for families during children’s early years.


We envision a just nation in which all people—regardless of race, class, gender, or geographic origin—have equal opportunity to lead meaningful and prosperous lives.


The Richard W. Goldman Foundation focuses on promoting justice and equality within and across communities it seeks to serve. Our guiding principle of giving is to lift our society by lifting the less advantaged.

Open ears and minds

We strive to always listen to and respect the views of those around us and within the organization itself.

Integrity and Transparency

We will conduct ourselves with integrity and transparency, striving always to achieve the highest standards of conduct.


We seek to make a difference: to focus our giving on organizations that affirmatively support our vision and mission through innovation and creativity.

Enhance our family’s legacy

We seek to continue and enhance our family’s legacy to create a more just, healthy, and equal world. We also want to honor our father’s memory to create a greater bond among us and spread his core values: humility, honesty, integrity, and justice.

Continuously learn

We are committed to learning continuously about ourselves, our values, and the world, and to contributing to the world’s knowledge base to help underserved people.